I host a range of services from both a computer at my house and various servers around the interweb. The current and historical statuses of all my services are displayed here. Some of the stuff I host includes:


Website | Status

I host my own personal Fediverse instance using Akkoma, which allows me to easily federate with a range of other Activity Pub based fediverse platforms. The instance itself is invite only, but I'm available to follow as


Website | Status

I host a wide assortment of films, books, and television shows for my viewing pleasure. The instance runs custom CSS to improve the user experience and is invite only.



I host a SMP with VoxeLibre, a Minecraft inspired game within the Minetest game engine. It's open to join upon request, so feel free to get in contact if you're interested.



I host and develop the AutoMod bot for the chat platform Revolt. The bot helps server owners moderate their communities.