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Tech Support Business


CapChord is a mobile call-out business that I both personally own and operate. It's dedicated to helping the elderly and those with limited technical knowledge by providing support with a range of digital tasks.

Purpose and Goal

The primary directive of CapChord is to allow those without the necessary knowledge to harness the benefits of modern technology without strife. I ensure that clients can comfortably communicate with loved ones, access essential online services, and enjoy the advantages of the information age.

Problems and Thought Process

I've faced a few problems with CapChord. With no formal training in business I had to learn what was necessary for me to start operation. I also noticed that some clients would need not just help, but a full explanation of what I was doing and how I was doing it to assist them in understanding their own technology. This lead me to tailor my operation to explaining and teaching as well as troubleshooting and fixing in a way that is both efficient and effective.

Lessons Learned

Through this job I've learned much. I've learnt how to liaise with clients, how to act in a professional environment, and the basics of running a business. It's also had a large hand in building my confidence as well as other soft skills.