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Welcome to my brand new website!

I've had a website for years but never quite gone all the way in configuring it. I've had bits and bobs written up, but never completely and to a standard I'm happy with. There have always been issues and sloppy code preventing me from maintaining and improving it. This time I've built the website using Jeckyll which allows markdown styling and far better scalability. I can dynamically create blog pages and share .html snippets across the site.

I will never quite finish this site. It'll likely be a work in progress my entire life. I'll keep tweaking, editing, and breaking it as time goes on, but that is the way it should be. To quote Wendy Carlos' website:

"I'm happy to report that this page (like most housework) will never be finished. It is a living document that grows and matures, just like most of real life. It is not a 'work in progress', for this would imply not much intrinsic value until that magic day it is completed. A novel is a work of art that, once completed may continue to exist forever in that finished state. An encyclopedia must be published at regular intervals to reflect new information gathered since the day it was published. Periodicals are timely only when first printed, then fall behind the times -- get the latest issue to keep up. The technology behind web documents allows us to update information as often as is necessary. In this context, publishing dates become an outdated concept. While it is possible to 'finish' a web document, the fixed information becomes stagnant, thus abolishing any desire for a return visit. This is something I call a cob-web page."

September 2023 Update

Since the initial publication of this article, the entire site has been completely rewritten. This was due to a number of reasons and gripes I had with Jeckyll, which led me to migrate to Adduce, a static site generator of my own creation. It allows for significantly more flexibility and the ability to achieve plenty of more intricate features.

As part of this migration, I've completely overhauled the site's design, resulting in something I feel is much sleeker, more unique, and more visually appealing. It should result in something that enhances the user experience and looks much better on all sorts of devices, screens, and web renderers. I've also reimplemented a range of the slightly dubious features with numerous improvements, such as the alterations made to the comments system, powered by Giscus. Additionally, I've refined and enhanced a lot of my old articles, as I've significantly improved and refined my writing since their original publication.

Another thing I've done as part of this site rewrite is the hosting of many new services. They should help this platform become a much richer resource. If you want to check out what I'm hosting (and potentially planning to host) you can check it out on my services page.

If you wish to see what the site looked like before these changes, you can take a peek on the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine. I've put a lot of work into improving this site and still have quite a bit to go. If you have any feedback regarding how I could improve this site, I'd love to hear it. You can chuck it in the comments below.