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Poem Compilation

Pam Carter's Scriptural Poetry

For many years, my grandmother has been writing poems. Upon seeing my work, she requested that I compile them into a proper, professionally printed book.

Using InDesign, I sifted through over 20 years of word documents, photographs, and treasured fragments to create something that would do her poems justice. The layout and styling also incorporate a personal touch, as it was created for someone whom I love very much.

Beyond creating something that honoured my grandmother's dedication to poetry, it also proved an excellent opportunity to broaden my knowledge of designing for press and physical mediums, and I gained a lot of knowledge doing it.

A hardcover book with a painting-style cover titled 'Spiritual Poems by Pamela' on a pale pink background. The subtitle 'Volume One - He Is There' is at the top, and the author's name 'Pamela Maitland Carter' is at the bottom. The cover image depicts a pastoral landscape with a figure in a red hat amidst greenery and flowers under a blue sky. An open book is resting on a beige surface with the left page titled 'THE POWER OF PRAYER' in bold letters and featuring a text passage. The right page contains a photograph of a silhouetted person with arms outstretched against a backdrop of a forest and a golden sunset. The book is halfway open.