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Answer Padding

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You're working on your assessments. You need to write 100 words in your response. You only have 78 words written and nothing more to add. Never fear; I is here with the solution to your problems! To pad out your questions, there is a huge collection of things you can do. Solutions that I've found to be the most efficient and relevant will be documented in this article.

Use the question in the answers

When phrasing your answer, include the question.


Q: What are the seven layers of the OSI model?

A: The seven abstraction layers of networking in the Open Systems Interconnection, often abbreviated to OSI, are physical, data link, network, transport, session, presentation, and application.

Make it a list

This may not boost the number of words but increases the perceived amount of text, which may discourage someone from going through the effort of checking the word count.


Q: How can you secure data over a VPN by use of the CIA model?

A: You can secure data transferring over a VPN by use of the CIA model. This is not related to the Central Intelligence Agency. CIA instead stands for Confidentiality, Integrity and Authentication.

  • Confidentiality is concerned with viewing our data. It refers to topics such as encryption. Encryption is to lock information while it is in transit or not in use to prevent unwanted third parties intercepting and using it.
  • Integrity is concerned with modification in our data. It refers to topics such as hashing. Hashing preserves the integrity of our data and stops others from modifying it.
  • Authentication is concerned with the availability of data when it is needed. It refers to topics such as pre-shared keys. Pre-shared keys make it easy to access the data without too much hassle yet still preventing unauthorised users from accessing it.

Have an ending statement

Repeat the opening sentence of your answer, but rephrase it slightly as a 'conclusion' of sorts.

Quote an article

Not only do you not have to write anything yourself, but you can also use an article large enough to get you to the word count. Be sure to reference the source of the information you're quoting to avoid being accused of plagiarism.

Use 'fluff' phrases

Write short things in different ways by using phrases instead of single words.


'When' can become 'Around the time'.

Expand abbreviations

Instead of using an abbreviation, write the full phrase.


'LOL' can become 'Laugh Out Loud'.

Add adjectives

Just put some descriptive words in to add a few extra words.


'The dog ran through the grass, to cross the road.' vs 'The brown dog ran through the green, wet grass, to cross the wide, busy road.'

I hope my suggestions are helpful and that they get you to the word count required for your writing. Remember, the goal is not just to get to the word count but to write meaningful and engaging content that effectively answers the question. If you have added some fluff phrases or expanded abbreviations, make sure they are relevant to the topic and do not detract from the overall meaning of the answer. With these tips in mind, you can increase the word count of your writing without just making mindless crap.