Online Chat Client


Unvite is a client for the online chat platform Revolt, of which I am a contributor.

Purpose and Goal

I used to exclusively use a Nokia flip-phone and found myself struggling to communicate with people when out and about. To rectify this I created Unvite. Unvite is a small, cut down client that runs on just about anything.

Problems and Thought Process

I haven't had many major problems with this project thus far. It's been the first big web development project I've embarked on which has lead to me having to pick up a lot along the way.

The hardest part of the process has been the complete rewrite I've been undertaking. I've replaced just about every line of code as well as moved to Adduce during the rewrite. I'm unsure when I'll release it but with any luck it'll be soon.

Lessons Learned

As I didn't know much in the way of JavaScript when starting the project it was an uphill battle trying to force various functions into submission. Through the development of the project my JavaScript has improved (although it's still spotty).