Photography | Vale.Rocks


I’m by no means a professional photographer, but these are a series of photos I’ve taken. I don’t have a professional camera, so I use my Nokia G22’s inbuilt camera and then touch them up, where necessary, in Adobe Lightroom. I enjoy taking pictures of the natural world when the opportunity presents itself, although I’m far from opposed to taking pictures of other subjects.

I upload most of what I take to Unsplash for anyone to use, free of charge. My account is @OuterVale.

A tree with vibrant pink-red leaves stands against a clear blue sky, in front of a one-story house with a brick façade. The sunlight filters through the leaves, highlighting their color. Close-up view of a vibrant green moss-covered surface with a small, delicate mushroom with a tan cap standing out against the textured background. The sunlight accentuates the intricate details of the moss and the slender stem of the mushroom. A panoramic view of a picturesque lakeside town nestled at the foot of rugged, snow-capped mountains. The vibrant blue lake is prominent, with boats visible on the water, and the settlement spreads out into the green and brown patchwork landscape leading to the towering peaks under a clear blue sky. A single mushroom with a textured brown cap and slim stem stands prominently in the center of a vibrant green moss-covered forest floor. The background is a softly blurred view of a forest with tall trees, suggesting a quiet, serene woodland scene.